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Governance Vault on Mainnet

Governance Vault on Mainnet

Governors! The wait is over. Governance Vault now LIVE on Mainnet! Introducing the Governance Vault The Governance Vault is a key component to the broader Governor DAO token/revenue model. Token holders deposit their GDAO to the Governance Vault to receive xGDAO, a...

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Decentralized Governance (DAOs)

By delegating ownership decisions to token holders, blockchain projects open an entirely new set of incentives for participation.

Reduced founder liability By decentralizing project ownership, founders and core team members retain less legal liability and have a more open framework to experiment with.

This alleviates the security risk of centralized keyholders.

Aligned token holder interests Token holders benefit immediately from their good behavior, as their participation positively impacts the value of their investments.

Ease of contribution Governance rights make it straightforward for any token holder to contribute meaningfully to the project they support. No on-boarding or firewall to keep out would-be contributors!Equity retained from initial raise Ownership of capital raised, pre-launch or otherwise, can be attributed to token holders. This eliminates the possibility of founders running off with the cash.

Governance Done Right.

Our protocol offers several services as part of the Governance-as-a-Service (GaaS) sandbox for any project to ensure their governance model works out of the box.

Voting Bootstrap

The mature, engaged Governor community participate as active voters on third-party projects. This ensures that voting quorums are met and long-term interests are upheld from launch onwards. Voting Bootstrap

Pre-Deployment Consulting

Utilization of Governor resources and smart contracts to best equip third-party projects to launch with a sound framework in place.


Governor rose from the community of the biggest exits-cam of the year. Other communities that were rugged leverage our framework to rebuild their own project for themselves.