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May 18, 2022

RUGenerous x Governor DAO Partnership

Governor DAO announces a partnership with R U Generous (RUG) in a long-term collaborative effort to ensure sustainability and innovation between our two entities. The partnership will see R U Generous (RUG) and Governor DAO join forces to help RUG with the “creation of a deployment framework for AirDrop functionality…Read More

April 28, 2022

Governor Introduces Sybil Resistance to Kava

Governor DAO joins Kava’s Pioneer Program through the revolutionary Proof-of-Existence buildout, enabling all projects on Kava to deploy a “human gate” against bots and whales.

September 6, 2022

September Update: Let’s Drive Public Goods!

Below outlines updates from the previous two months combined. Dig in! Gitcoin, Grants, Bankless! Gitcoin Grants Round 15 kicks off on September 7th, 2022. Governor DAO’s Proof-of-Existence is supported as an eligible grant. Please donate to our grant ASAP at the start of the round so POE trends and takes…Read More

July 5, 2022

July Update: Buidling!

Another productive month is in the books, with a host of partnerships and developments outlined below. Dig in! Partnerships and Ecosystem Unfederal Reserve Partnership Governor DAO won the recent Unfederal Reserve governance vote on the provider for their upcoming DAO token launch. Governor DAO will offer Unfederal Reserve our comprehensive…Read More

June 1, 2022

June Update: Origins of a Service DAO

In spite of market conditions, the previous month marks one accomplishment and milestones for Governor DAO! ROBNESS NFT Mint Celebrated cryptoartist ROBNESS teamed up with Governor DAO to help facilitate his NFT collection of 11,111 AI-generated vaporwave statue busts, “Desktop Statue Systems Limited.” The mint began earlier this month and…Read More

May 11, 2022

Governor DAO Powers Desktop Status Systems Limited Launch

OG Cryptoartist ROBNESS has teamed up with Governor DAO to launch vaporwave PFP collection. Desktop Status Systems Limited is a collection of AI-generated vaporwave busts by one of the longest standing and most provocative artists throughout the entire crypto space. Collection Details Collection Size: 11,111 Mint Price: 0.08 ETH Start…Read More

May 2, 2022

May Update: Kava Pioneers, Gitcoin, POE Automation

Below recaps all of the exciting developments since our last update! Moving forward, Governor DAO will communicate updates as monthly recaps to better capture our momentum without duplication. Proof-of-Existence Buildouts Many deployments have taken place for POE as we work to move Proof-of-Existence to an entirely self-serve, automated enrollment model.…Read More

April 26, 2022

GDAO partners with Crypto.com integrating their RSS feed & price page

Through Crypto.com’s GovernorDAO (GDAO) Price Page, you can now directly access the GDAO RSS news feed. This feature will enable Crypto.com users to obtain the latest news and updates on GDAO, the world’s biggest blockchain-based platform for sports and entertainment. Crypto.com users can stay on top of the latest updates…Read More

March 29, 2022

Bi-Weekly #29: Thank You Gitcoin!

We asked, and the community answered. Great work everyone!!! Directives Completed:  Gitcoin GR13 We had a HUGE turnout to our Proof-of-Existence public goods grant on Gitcoin. 661 contributors donated over $4,500 collectively, which is then matched with the total grant funds contributed to the round. The community did an outstanding…Read More

March 7, 2022

Bi-Weekly #28: A Change of Pace

With a new concentration on marketing and guerilla sales tactics, the team and support personnel are looking to widen the scope of projects that we are willing to work with as well as widening the scope of services provided. This new and improved way of approaching third parties will net…Read More